Steve Pinchasick


Steven Pinchasick, is the President of the firm. Upon completing his education at City College, he acted as the selling agent for numerous cooperative and condominium projects in New York. Mr. Pinchasick is a licensed Real Estate Broker. He has been actively involved in the real estate industry since 1980 during which time he was directly responsible for preparing and submitting numerous Public Offering Plans to the office of the Attorney General in the State of New York. Furthermore, Mr. Pinchasick is a committee co-chair for Temple Sinai in Roslyn, New York and is an executive committee member of the UJA Real Estate Alliance Trade Association of Long Island.

Mr. Pinchasick has also acted as Project Coordinator for new construction properties in New York and continued as Marketing Coordinator for those properties. He is directly responsible for the sale of approximately 2,000 residential sales of cooperative and condominium properties on both a conventional basis and through auction method with an aggregate value in excess of $150 million.
In addition to his extensive real estate sales background, Mr. Pinchasick is responsible for the management of approximately 600 cooperative and rental units in New York and Queens. His ability to evaluate the coop sales market coupled with his ability to firmly understand the nuances of condominium ownership makes him uniquely qualified.

Mr. Pinchasick is responsible to oversee the day-to-day operations in approximately 16 buildings located throughout the NY Area. He is responsible for all capital improvement projects, building resident communications, legal proceedings, warrants of eviction, and currently acts as the secretarytreasurer for 12 New York Cooperatives.

Furthermore, Mr. Pinchasick is a licensed Property & Casualty Insurance broker in the State of New York, and possesses an in-depth understanding of the proper coverages, as well as which insurance companies are currently active in the marketplace, and those companies which provide the proper coverages the different types of building ownership.